After two years of running the Hacker Blood Drive, here’s a blog talking about the progress it’s made so far. Shortly after launching, I created a Red25 group with the idea that if people joined it we could track the donations. This year at some point, the team developed into two members now. Look out Lifeblood, we’re going to put you out of business.

Here are some of the stats of this year in comparison to the last few years. We’re almost at the end of the year. I’ve got one more donation booked in later this month.


Group Donations

This year was the first year where I put out a call for a group donation. Before BSides Canberra this year a buddy of mine went to donate. He donated whole blood and I donated plasma. I hope to do it more often next year.



This year I made stickers! I commissioned an amazing piece of art done by a friend of mine which I then threw onto some stickers. I’ve been giving these out at conferences, if you see me around, come ask for one.

I’m hoping get some shirts done next year to further promote this.


Earlier this year, I moved jobs, I now work for Hack The Box. Fortunately for me, Hack The Box decided to give me some vouchers to give away instead of buying individual VIP licenses. Thank you HTB.

Form Submissions

This year so far, I’ve received 2 valid submissions in the form and have sent out 2 Hack the Box subscriptions.

Alongside these 2 submissions I’ve had a number of friends who have been encouraged by this initiative to become regular donors. One friend is now a regular plasma who is donating every two weeks where possible.


Looking back at this side project of mine, I’m now quite proud of it. I’m glad to have raised awareness and encouraged a few people to take a few hours out of their week to donate blood towards a great cause. Technically, the Hacker Blood Drive has doubled in Red25 members this year. What’s next? Who knows. Hopefully shirts and more group donations.