IT Support Officer

My main role was to provide IT support to the 100+ onsite staff and 40+ offsite staff for both Multigate and their sister company MDevices. Although a lot of my role was general support issues, there was a lot of flexibility for me to complete tasks that a System Administrator would otherwise complete.

Security Administrator

After being in my role for over a year I was promoted to my new role which consisted of my previous work along with some additional security responsibilities (firewall configuration, Active Directory permissions, etc.). I spent a lot of time in this role automating my previous tasks and fixing security issues within both companies.


Security Training

Provided security training to the entire company covering general security topics and internal phishing training

JIRA Helpdesk

Implemented and designed a helpdesk system for multiple teams to improve workflow and efficiency

Automated Repetitive Tasks

Developed many PowerShell scripts that allowed me to automate large chunks of repetitive tasks for both my team and other teams.

Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)

Installed and managed the password management solution using PowerShell on all devices to prevent easy lateral movement on a network.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA was enabled on all VPN users

Elastic Stack

Installed, configured and tested using different log endpoints however was not implemented


Install and configured to run on the entire internal network reducing the amount of traffic by 30%

Office 365 Migration

Migrated from on-premise exchange to cloud