After a year of running the “Hacker Blood Drive”, here’s a blog talking about the progress it’s made so far. Honestly, this blog is mainly to promote it further. But it’ll be interesting to write up nonetheless.

Shortly after launching, I created a Red25 group with the idea that if people joined it we could track the donations. Here is the amount of donations in the last 12 months.


As far as I’m aware, I’m the only one in the group currently.

Form Submissions

So far, I’ve received 3 valid submissions in the form and have sent out 2 Pentester Lab subscriptions and 1 Hack the Box sub subscriptions.

Alongside these 3 submissions I’ve had a number of friends who have been encouraged by this initiative to become regular donors. One friend who went so far as to start up their own Red25 group in their workplace. I also received many messages from people offering to give money to the cause, thank you to everyone who did. Although I didn’t take it as I’m happy to fund it myself, I appreciate the offers.


Looking back at this side project of mine, I’m now quite proud of it. These last few years has been rough for LifeBlood with large amounts of appointments being cancelled due to COVID. I’m glad to have raised awareness and encouraged a few people to take a few hours out of their week to donate blood towards a great cause. What’s next? Who knows. Maybe t-shirts.